Summer Pool Maintenance

Summer Pool Maintenance

  • Megan Green
  • 06/26/24

Pool Maintenance for Peak Swimming Season.

Summer is the peak time for swimming pool usage, which means your pool requires diligent care to maintain optimal conditions for daily enjoyment. Increased activity in the pool introduces more contaminants, which can challenge your pool’s cleanliness and equipment.

Here’s how to handle pool maintenance during these busy months, ensuring that the water remains clean, clear, and inviting.

  • Ensuring Efficient Filtration and Circulation

During the summer, your pool filter and pool pump are the workhorses that keep the water clean and clear. Make sure your pool pump, preferably a variable speed pool pump, is running efficiently. These pumps adjust their speed according to the pool’s needs, which saves energy while maintaining effective water circulation.

  • Regular Cleaning of Filters and Baskets

Check and clean the pool filter regularly. A clogged filter may lead to cloudy water and increased strain on your pool pump. Additionally, clean out skimmer baskets and pump baskets weekly to remove debris. This prevents blockages and helps maintain efficient water circulation, which is important for preventing issues like green water or cloudy water.

  • Vigilant Chemical Management

With the pool being used more frequently, it’s vital to monitor and adjust the chemicals more often. Regularly test the water sample to ensure the chemical levels are balanced — particularly the chlorine levels, as they directly affect the water’s sanitation.

  • Adding Chemicals and Adjusting Levels

Based on your water testing results, add chemicals as needed to maintain the correct balance. This might include adjusting pH levels or adding sanitizers to keep the water clean and safe for swimming. Regularly adding these chemicals helps prevent the proliferation of algae and bacteria, which can turn your pool water green if left unchecked.

  • Dealing with Increased Debris and Usage

Summer fun often means more leaves, grass, and other debris ending up in the pool. Use a skimmer net to remove all the floating debris daily. This not only keeps your pool looking pristine but also prevents debris from clogging filters and reducing the efficiency of the circulation system. 

  • Handling Water Levels and Drainage 

Keep an eye on the remaining water level, especially after pool parties or heavy usage, as water levels can drop significantly. It might be necessary to add more water to maintain the proper operation of the pool systems. In some cases, particularly if the water becomes difficult to balance or is excessively cloudy, partially draining and refilling the pool may be necessary to restore water quality.

Thanks Integrity Pools for the tips! To read more about pool maintenance, click here.

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